Vibrating Foundation Puff


Vibrating Foundation Puff in Karachi


Vibrating Foundation Puff in Karachi

Fine vibration of the puff makes the foundation stick to the skin and cover pores smoothly.

Thanks to the size fitting in your hands and beautiful design, you can use the vibration foundation anytime and anywhere you want.

It is as a smart make-up tool, is a portable vibration make-up puff that helps make skin flawless, smooth and milky by using powerful and delicate vibrations.

Auto vibration foundation puff touch provides Speedy and Delicate make-up perfectly covering up the skin pores, wrinkles and keratin.

Return Policy No Returns
Shipping Days To Karachi: 2 days
Shipping Days To Lahore: 5-6 days
Shipping Days To Islamabad: 5-6 days
Shipping Days to Other Cities: 6-8 days


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