Smoke Alarm With High Sensitivity


Smoke Alarm With High Sensitivity


Smoke Alarm With High Sensitivity

This small gadgets will alert and warn people stay far away from danger field when it detected smoke.this product named photoelectric detector (hereinafter called detector) detects the smoke by a couple of infra-red diodes. the principle of detecting is granule in the smoke can reflect infra red light. infra-red diodes are placed in the special chamber. the chamber can shield external light, but don’t affect the smoke into it.while have no smoke, the diode can receive very weak infra red light. when the smoke entering the the chamber, diode can receive more and more light, when the smoke attains the certain density, the detector can give out alarm signal. in order to reduce the interference and lower power consumption, the emitting circuit adopts the pulse signal.the detector adopts the special structure design and asic, has the dust proof, moth proof and anti outside light interference feature etc. the detector is suitable for detect the smoke in house, shop, hotel, restaurant, office building, school, bank, library, computer house and storehouse etc.


  • Excellent stability.
  • High sensitivity.
  • Alarm test button for easy testing.
  • Loud 85db audio alarm.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Aalarm indication:red led flash.
  • Eeasy to install with mounting hardware included.
  • Designed for the fastest possible installation.

Technical Specification:

  • Sound level:>=85db/m
  • Power: 9v non-rechargeable battery (not included).
  • Alarm current: <=20ma.
  • Standby current: <=10μa.
  • Operating temperature: -10°c ~ +50°c.
  • Operating humidity: <=95%rh.
  • Smoke sensitivity: 2.36%/ft±1.251%/ft obs.
  • Detecting area: 20 square meter
  • Size: 107 mm dia. * 35mm deep
  • Material: abs plastic.
  • Color: white.

Installation and test

  1. Taking the battery into battery box before installation.
  2. Connect the power,the detector comes into operating state.indicating led flashes once per 40 seconds,once per 1 second at alarm state.
  3. Select proper place(normally mounted on the center of the ceiling), fix the mounting base,then put the detector into the base and turn it.
  4. After installation,press the test button to test the output of the detector.led should flash once per 1 s.the detector should give out sound.
  5. You can press the test button to test the detector or blow a little of smoke into the detector to test if it work properly.the detector will recover to normal working state when the smoke disperse.


  1. The detector can not be installed under worse environment.e.g. coldest,hottest,dusty.
  2. Please test it monthly.
  3. Please clean the detector by soft brush per 6 months to ensure the sensitivity arts life of attention to switch off power before clean.
  4. When the voltage of battery is low or the chamber is dirty,the detector will beep once per 40s. please change the battery,at this condition.
  5. For various reason,including,but not limited to changes in environmental conditions,electric disruptions and tampering,the product may not perform as expected.the user is advised to take all necessary precautions for his/her safety and the protection of his/her property.
    Return Policy No Returns
    Shipping Days To Karachi: 2 days
    Shipping Days To Lahore: 5-6 days
    Shipping Days To Islamabad: 5-6 days
    Shipping Days to Other Cities: 6-8 days
    Shipping Weight (kg) 0.5


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