Slique Hair Threader

Slique Hair Threader Pakistan is an easy to use and provide instant and fast results of removing facial hair. Slique Facial Hair Threading tool remove fine hairs and you will notice that your face has become hair free because of Slique Hair Threader deep work.

Slique Hair Threader Pakistan is for all skin types. You will never feel any pain in your fingers using Slique Hair Threader Pakistan.

Slique Hair Threader is latest version of manual hair threading. In manual hair threading you have to use your both hand to hold the thread and move it continusly. You can’t remove fine hairs using thread only on your fingers. But Slique Hair Threader is good enough to suppot you removing facial hair without any hassle. Slique Hair Threader is very easy to use. You can use it with one hand. And it will remove thin hair also. After using it you have no need to worry about thin hair. Slique Hair Threading System removes those thin
hair also.

What include in Slique Threading Kit?

Slique Threading Kit include 1 Slique Threader and 10 Thread sets which are ready to use. You can also make your own threads easily at home. Slique Hair Threader is fast and effective.


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