Pink Skinner Multifunction Beauty Apparatus Karachi


Pink Skinner Multifunction Beauty Apparatus Karachi


Skinner Pink Beauty Set Lift gently Korea, vibration would be more effective to remove the entire stubborn dirt in the pores, oil and make-up using cotton sheets, so getting a thorough clean. Studies have shown that the results of a thorough cleaning tool is better 10 times of cleaning products usually, at first use the skin feels like a baby’s skin. Vibration slowly than electrical cleaners Skinner Pink Beauty Set Korea allows the skin clean inside, function massage spheres penetrate deeper into, the effect becomes more clear, so you can feel the tenderness and taste clean. This is an easy way as you clean your face every day with ease. Starting today, Change the way you clean your face and feel the difference. Only a clean facial skin can absorb more nutrients.

  • Cool Foam
  • Gentle Vibration
  • Textured Pods
  • 10 Cotton Pads
  • Excellent value for money
  • High Quality Product
    Return Policy No Returns
    Shipping Days To Karachi: 2 days
    Shipping Days To Lahore: 5-6 days
    Shipping Days To Islamabad: 5-6 days
    Shipping Days to Other Cities: 6-8 days
    Shipping Weight (kg) 0.5


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