Louis Vuitton Black Wallet in Karachi


Louis Vuitton Black Wallet in Karachi


  • Material: Leather Color
  • Black Brand
  • Louis Vuitto
  • High Quality Excellent Value for Money
  • It is known for producing high quality products with great durability.
    We have a very stylish Louis Vuitton Black Wallet in our store.
    This high quality wallet is made of genuine black leather and is very durable and reliable.
    It has many pockets for cards and documents.
    The black color will go with your every outfit and it is durable enough to carry it every day.
    It is the classiest wallet out there and definitely spice up your personality.
    So hurry up! Head up to Frj.com.pk and get your Louis Vuitton Wallet now!

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    Return Policy No Returns
    Shipping Days To Karachi: 2 days
    Shipping Days To Lahore: 5-6 days
    Shipping Days To Islamabad: 5-6 days
    Shipping Days to Other Cities: 6-8 days
    Shipping Weight (kg) 0.5


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