Brain Relax Massager in Karachi Pakistan

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Brain Relax Massager in Karachi Pakistan


Brain Relax Massager in Karachi Pakistan

Presenting to you Brain Relax Massager, which is designed efficiently to relax your mind by massaging your head. It stimulates the various acupuncture points by the application of pressure over your head Off-white in color

Requires power source of 3AAA batteries; computer USB Interface Connector: Adapter Connector

How to Use:

What you need to do is just to wear like you wear a hat. Then Adjust according to your head size Switch it on Regulate the intensity as per your choice (1-8 degree of intensity) Now relax and let the head massager do its job Turn off the power now when you feel comfortable

Health Benefits:

  • promotes blood circulation
  • improves metabolism
  • relieves pain and pressure
  • enhances memory
  • improves learning efficiency
  • improves sleep quality
  • enhances human resistance to disease and other effects

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